Name:Strong stickness and kind removal silicone tape with dispensor
Product description:

1、Adopting advanced PU material,ultra-thin,breathable and 100% waterproof.

2、Fabric series is supper sticky and flexable to fit your wounds better.

3、Assorted size series meet all your needs for different wound.

4、Special shape for special part.

5、Different material for differentsituation.


Item No Description Package
MT104 001DP 1.25cm*9.14m 24rolls/box、20boxes/carton
MT104 002DP 2.5cm*9.14m 12rolls/box、20boxes/carton
MT104 003DP 5cm*9.14m 6rolls/box、20boxes/carton
MT104 004DP 7.5cm*9.14m 4rolls/box、20boxes/carton