Name:Strong stickness and kind removal silicone tape
Product description:

1、Help prevent infection,100% waterproof and germproof.

2、More comfortable,fits your move better.

3、With super-stick adhesive to stay on longer up to 2X stronger.

4、Ideal for covering minor surgical incisions.

5、Active assortment to cover all your needs.

6、Better flexible protection.


Item No Description Package
MT104 001 1.25cm*9.14m 24rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT104 002 2.5cm*9.14m 12rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT104 003 5cm*9.14m 6rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT104 004 7.5cm*9.14m 4rolls/box、30boxes/carton