X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer Microprobe for Measuring Silver Distribution in Wound Dressings

The occurrence of bacterial infection occurring with certain kinds of wounds can be minimized by using wound dressings containing silver. The effectiveness of such dressings depends on the physical and chemical characteristics of the silver, including how it is distributed across the dressing. The analysis of silver distribution in a wound dressing requires high-resolution imaging of a small area, as well as the ability to generate images over a large area. Furthermore, high sensitivity is essential due to the small quantity of silver present in these dressings.

The Thermo Scientific ESCALAB 250Xi X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) Microprobe can be used to measure the distribution of silver in a wound dressing. The ESCALAB 250Xi XPS is ideal for assessing the quality of these types of materials due to its spectroscopic imaging capabilities. The silver distribution can be determined on both a small and large scale using this spectrometer. The instrument’s parallel imaging capability enables high-resolution, small-scale imaging, while its stage mapping capability allows for large-scale imaging. The ESCALAB 250Xi is also highly sensitive, making it suitable for analyzing the low concentration of silver present in these wound dressings.