Name:Vaginal Micro Environment Buffering Gel
Product description:

Intended use

This product is applicable to anti一microbial, inhibition, relieving itching and cleaning of the women with unbalanced pH value, cervical erosion, trlchomonas vaglnitis, abnormal leucorrhea, colpitls mycotica, annexitis, pelvic inflammation, endometritls, old aged model vaginitls and the swelling of the private part cause by all kinds of gynecological diseases.

Product description

It has a strong micro environment buffer system, and can adjust the PH value of women's vagina to maintain in the range of 4.4-5.5, so that it can destroy the growing environment of pathogenic bacterium; it is good for the normal metabolism and growth of probiotics like lactic acid bacteria. It has antibacterial performance and can heal the erosive wound up.


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Item No Description Package
VG 101001 3g/pc 1pc/bag、50bags/box、20boxes/carton

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