Name:Transparent film strip
Product description:

Transparent film strip is a non-sterile film which protects dressings from contamination whilst allowing skin to breathe. Patients can bathe or swim with it.Transparent securely covering their wound dressings.


1、High MVTR PU film allows excess moisture to pass away,reduces the risk of maceration.

2、Bacterial barrier protects wounds against external contamination.

3、Hypoallergenic adhesive minimizes the risk of allergic response, provides gentle and secure fixation.


Item No Description Package
WD106 001 2.5cm*10m 24rolls/box、24box/carton
WD106 002 5cm*10m 12rolls/box、24boxes/carton
WD106 003 7.5cm*10m 6rolls/box、24boxes/carton
WD106 004 10cm*10m 6rolls/box、24boxes/carton
WD106 005 15cm*10m 6rolls/box、24boxes/carton