Name:Transparent film I.V dressing
Product description:

I.V. dressing is specially designed to meet the demands of modern IV site care.


1. PU film is breathable and transparent, which is convenient to observe the injection point or the wound healing process.

2.Allowing optimum moisture vapour transfer to reduce moisture accumulation and bacterial growth.              

3.'U' cut is convenient for fixing I.V. canula with butterfly or drug ketle.

4. Frame design decreases extral tension on skin,prevent the skin be hurted.

5. The recorder tape is convenient for recording patients' name,date and bed No., reforcing fixing and easy for management.


Item No Description Package
IV101 002 4.4cm*4.4cm 1pc/bag、100bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 003 5cm*7.5cm 1pc/bag、100bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 004 6cm*6cm 1pc/bag、100bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 005 6cm*7cm 1pc/bag、100bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 006 7cm*8.5cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 007 10cm*11.5cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 008 10cm*12cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 009 10cm*15cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 010 6cm*8.5cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 011 10cm*20cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 012 5cm*5.7cm 1pc/pack、100packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 013 10cm*25cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 002WN 4.4cm*4.4cm 1pc/pack、100packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 003WN 5cm*7.5cm 1pc/pack、100packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 004WN 6cm*6cm 1pc/pack、100packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 005WN 6cm*7cm 1pc/pack、100packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 006WN 7cm*8.5cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 007WN 10cm*11.5cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 008WN 10cm*12cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton
IV101 009WN 10cm*15cm 1pc/pack、50packs/box、20boxes/carton