Name:Silicone Foam dressing
Product description:

Foam dressing with silicone layer is manufactured with foam, silicone layer, PU film, and isolation film. The soft and flexible foam absorbs large amount exudates, reduces risk of maceration. Silicone adhesive layer provides gentle and safe fixation, makes the dressing to remove easily with no pain. It is applied to a wide range of moderate to highly exuding wounds.


1.Minimizes pain and trauma when dressing change, enhances patient’s comfort.

2.Quick and effective absorption, reduces the risk of skin maceration.

3.High breathable, waterproof and bacterial barrier top backing film maintains a moist healthy healing environment.

4.Self-adhesive ready to use dressing conforms to body contour, can be used on those hard to dress area easily.

5.Does not damage the new epithelial when removed.

6.Helps to reduce scarring.


Item No Description Package
SD101 001 5*5cm 1pcs/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton
SD101 002 7.5*7.5cm 1pc/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton
SD101 003 10*10cm 1pc/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton
SD101 004 12.5*12.5cm 1pcs/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton
SD101 005 15*15cm 1pcs/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton
SD101 006 20*20cm 1pcs/bag、20bags/box、8boxes/carton