Name:Nonwoven adhesive wound dressing with pad
Product description:

Nonwoven adhesive wound dressing with pad is made of non-woven fabric or highly permeable polyurethane film coated with medical acrylic adhesive,and fabric pad.It is absorbent and permeable.


1、Non-woven fabric: Breathable and comfortable;

2、Highly absorbent pad, absorbs exudates quickly and helps to protect the wound from further trauma

3、Hypoallergenic adhesive minimizes the risk of allergic response, provides gentle and secure fixation.


Item No Description Package
WD101 001 5*7.5cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD101 002 5*9cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD101 003 6*7cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD101 004 7*10cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD101 005 9*10cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
WD101 006 9*15cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
WD101 007 9*20cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD101 008 9*25cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD101 009 9*30cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、20boxes/carton