Name: Liquid spray bandage
Product description:

The product is composed with alcohol and water.It is for short term use. Animal origin material and drug are not contained.Forming film rapidly under the body temperature to create a relatively moist wound healing environment and prevent foreign matter and wound infection, so as to protect the wound and promote healing.


1、Physical Property: spraying releases pressure in the bottle,Sudden heat drop helps stop bleeding and protect wounds by contracting local blood vessels.

2、Rapid Coating: the fog expelled from the bottle can be evenly sprayed on the wound, which forms a flexible transparent 0.1 mm-thick coat in 10 to 20 seconds, which is antiseptic and provides constant protection to the wound. The feature of liquid bandage spray is quick coating, which can protect wound and promote healing.

3、Overall Guarding and Waterproof: the spray provides a skin shield that covers the wound securely, which is subject to joint movement and other anatomical features. It is waterproof and lasts through several washings or in situations where you need to get wet, like washing hands and taking a bath.

4、Alcohol Function: alcohol is osmosis in nature. It penetrates the cell membrane, diffuses into the cell and kills it by destroying the protein.


Item No Description Package
LSB101 001 40ml/pc 1pc/primary box、8pcs/secondary box、20 secondary boxes/carton