Name:Kind removal silicone tape
Product description:

1、Effective separation of the wound meanwhile,more fun and playful.


3、Exquisite cartoon design:Children's attention can be teansferred,make them forget little pain temporarily.

4、injured?please make close contact with our smileplus bandages.


Item No Description Package
MT101 001 1.25*3.6m 24rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT101 002 2.5*3.6m 12rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT101 003 5*3.6m 6rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT101 004 7.5*3.6m 4rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT101 005 2.5*1.37m 12rolls/box、50boxes/carton