Name:Allochroic PU film dressing
Product description:

Allochroic Antimicrobial silicone wound dressing is manufactured with allochroic antimicrobial absorbent pad with PU film, and release film.

1、 Identify the infect situation of wound to remind the nurse and patients to replace the dressing or corresponding action by absorbent pad's color changing. Once the pad change from yellow to blue after absorbing the exudate it means the wound is infected. The blue is darker means the infection is severer. When the infection reduce and disappear, the blue is fade and disappear accordingly.

2、Protect the wound from microbial invasion by controlling micro environment of the dressing.

3、Doesn't contain antibiotics or metal ion.

Intended use: 

It is generally used for trauma wound, bruise wound and post-operative wound, and it can also be used for the nursing and treatment of chronic wound like bedsore of high risk group like diabetes patients etc., wound caused by tumor or chemotherapy, mild superficial burn wound, wound in the skin-grafting zone and skin-getting zone.


Item No Description Package
AWD101 001 5*7.5cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
AWD101 002 5*9cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
AWD101 003 6*7cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
AWD101 004 7*10cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
AWD101 005 9*10cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
AWD101 006 9*15cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
AWD101 007 9*20cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、40boxes/carton
AWD101 008 9*25cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、40boxes/carton
AWD101 009 9*30cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、20boxes/carton