Name:Alginate Dressing
Product description:

Intended use

1.All kinds of moderate and heavy exudated wounds;

2.All kinds of acute and chronic wounds hemorrhagic wounds;

3.All kinds of difficult healing wounds such as leg ulcer,bedsore,diabetic ulcer,postoperative wounds of tumour and abscess;

4.Skin-donor sites;

5.All kinds of lacuna,antrum wounds, post-operative wounds of cavity; sinus,exodonita.

Product description

Alginate Dressings are made of a unique combination of alginate and calcium ion for superior absorption and one一piece removal.Fast gelling effect when in contact with wound exudate and maintains an optimal moist wound environment.


1 .It is the mixture of natural seaweed and calcium ion,and has good biocompability;

2.Gel could be formed when the dressing absorbs exudates and blood,it could protect the wound area and prompt the wound healing;

3.The "gel block" character reduces the risk of maceration;

4.The dressing has excellent absorbency,it is soft and comfortable;

5.Release of calcium ion could activate prothrombin,and could stop bleeding effctively;

6.Non adhernence to the wound,it will protect the nerve terminals,reduce pain and easy to be peeded of;

7.It is biologically degradable and environment-friendly;

8.It is soft and can be used to fill the wound;


Product show


Item No Description Package


AGN101 001 5*5cm 1pc/pack、20packs/box、20boxes/carton
AGN101 002 10*10cm 1pc/pack、20packs/box、10boxes/carton
AGN101 003 10*20cm 1pc/pack、20packs/box、5boxes/carton
AGN101 004 15*20cm 1pc/pack、20packs/box、5boxes/carton
Rope AGN101 005 2*30cm 1pc/pack、20packs/box、5boxes/carton