Name: Spunlaced non-woven tape with dispenser
Product description:

Non-woven tape is made of breathable non-woven fabric coated with medical hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive for fixing the non-adherent dressings or other medical devices.


1、Gentle adhesion;

2、Hypoallergenic and latex free;

3、Breathable and gentle to the skin;

4、No residue upon removal;

5、Easily hand tear.


Item No Description Package
MT102 001DP 1.25cm*9.14m 24rolls/box、20boxes/carton
MT102 002DP 2.5cm*9.14m 12rolls/box、20boxes/carton
MT102 003DP 5cm*9.14m 6rolls/box、20boxes/carton
MT102 004DP 7.5cm*9.14m 4rolls/box、20boxes/carton