Name:PE Tape
Product description:

PE tape is made of transparent polyethylene coated with medical hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive for fixing the non-adherent dressings or other medical devices.


1、Easy, straight, bi-directional tear allows clinicians to tailor the tape for Various dressings and devices;  

2、Easy to handle with gloves;

3、Good adhesion to skin and tubing;

4、Transparent, porous;

5、Hypoallergenic and latex free;  

6、Water resistant.


Item No Description Package
MT103 001 1.25cm*9.14m 24rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT103 002 2.5cm*9.14m 12rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT103 003 5cm*9.14m 6rolls/box、30boxes/carton
MT103 004 7.5cm*9.14m 4rolls/box、30boxes/carton