Name:Hydrogel dressing
Product description:

Hydrogel wound dressing is beneficial to maintain moisture environment of wound surface, to decrease incrustation. It has soft texture, elasticity, good mechanical performance, air and water permeability, and has no toxic side effects.

Intended use:

Hydrogel wound dressing is applicable for superficial and deep wound, ulcer, bedsore and burn of level I and II, this product is also applicable for softening necrotic tissues, and creating moisture environment for wound healing.


Item No Description Package
HCD102 001 5*7.5cm 1pc/bag、5bags/box 、150boxes/carton
HCD102 002 10*10cm 1pc/bag、5bags/box 、100boxes/carton
HCD102 003 4.5*6.5cm 1pc/bag、5bags/box 、150boxes/carton
HCD102 004 7.5*10cm 1pc/bag、5bags/box 、150boxes/carton
HCD102 005 12.5*12.5cm 1pc/bag、5bags/box 、100boxes/carton