Name:Hydrocolloid dressing (super thin)
Product description:

Hydrocolloid dressings are manufactured with PU Film, release paper and hydrocolloid, which has good performance on water absorption, compliance and stickiness, and provide a warm and moist healing environment for promoting wound healing. It is for short term use, with a recommended date not more than 7days.


1、Excellently exudates absorption capability;

2、Keep the wound in a moist environment promote wound healing, effectively release pain and reduce wound care frequency;

3、Water-proof, promote the wound from microbial invasion;

4、Excellent elasticity and self-adhesive, convenient and comfortable to wear;

5、Easy to peel off, no adherence to wound, effectively reduce the potential damage and pains;

6、Available in different size and shapes to meet the clinical needs;

7、The Super thin style is very thin and flexible to the skin.


Item No Description Package
HCD101 001 super thin 5*5cm super thin 1pc/bag、20bags/box、20boxes/carton
HCD101 002 super thin 7.5*7.5cm super thin 1pc/bag、20bags/box、20boxes/carton
HCD101 003 super thin 10*10cm super thin 1pc/bag、20bags/box、10boxes/carton
HCD101 004 super thin 15*15cm super thin 1pc/bag、10bags/box、10boxes/carton
HCD101 005 super thin 20*20cm super thin 1pc/bag、10bags/box、10boxes/carton