Name:Film island dressing
Product description:

Indicated for the lightly exuding, superficial and non-infected wounds, such as post-operative wounds, acute and chronic wounds, small cut wounds and bruise wounds.


1、Hypoallergenic adhesive, minimizes the risk of allergic response;

2、Allows moisture and oxygen vapor transmission, while protecting against infection with a semi-permeable polyurethane film;

3、Highly absorbent pad, absorbs exudates quickly and helps to protect the wound from further trauma;

4、Waterproof, impermeable to fluids for safety and protection.


Item No Description Package
WD105 001 5*7.5cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD105 002 5*9cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD105 003 6*7cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD105 004 7*10cm 1pc/bag、50bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD105 005 9*10cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
WD105 006 9*15cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、80boxes/carton
WD105 007 9*20cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD105 008 9*25cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、40boxes/carton
WD105 009 9*30cm 1pc/bag、25bags/box、20boxes/carton