Systagenix introduces hydro-active dressing in UK and Germany

Systagenix announced today the launch of BIOSORB™, a hydro-active dressing containing superabsorbent fluid-retaining polymers. BIOSORB™ actively manages wound exudate in chronic wounds, thus reducing the risk of maceration.

Superabsorbent dressings are one of the fastest growing categories in the advanced wound care market providing a solution for fluid management in moderate to highly exuding wounds.

Wound exudate is produced as a normal part of the healing process and at varying levels throughout. An optimal wound healing environment is moist but not wet. In acute wounds the volume of exudate produced is normally manageable, whereas in chronic wounds the exudate levels may be less predictable3.

"Designed to efficiently manage high volumes of exudate in a variety of wound types, BIOSORB™ absorbs and retains large quantities of wound exudate which can be detrimental to the healing process if left unmanaged," said Marc Blamire, Systagenix Global Category Director. "Thus, BIOSORB™ may allow for an extended wear time, leading to the potential of both direct and indirect cost savings for clinicians."

BIOSORB™ is currently available in Germany and the UK.